Lazada 10 Birthday Sale Bank Voucher

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Lazada 10th Epic Birthday Sales | Our Epic Birthday , Your Epic Party. Birthday Sale akan berlangsung dari 14 – 31 Mac 2022. Jualan Mega Sale pada 27 – 29 Mac merupakan jualan Epic selama 3 hari. Bersiap sedia untuk menebus bank voucher untuk digunakan semasa Jualan Harijadi Lazada ke 10!

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Lazada 10 Birthday Sale Bank Voucher

Mastercard – 12% off capped at RM12
All Citi Cards – RM 18 min spend RM 100
Lazada Citi Credit Card – RM 25 min spend RM 100
RHB Credit Cards – RM20 min spend of RM 150
CIMB Mastercards – RM50 off min spend of RM580
CIMB Mastercards – RM15 off min spend of RM150
All CIMB Cards – RM15 off min spend of RM150
Affin Bank – RM13 off min spend of RM150

Collect & Use from 27.03 to 29.03

Collect Vouchers Here:

Promosi Shopee dan Lazada untuk ANDA.

Yang suka makan dried mango, mesti cuba yang ni. Memang popular satu dunia! Ada dua jenis, 7D atau Cebu. Min biasa beli dua dua sekali, then compare rasa. Macam sama tapi tak sama, masam manis, SEDAP!

Boleh beli kat sini:

7D Philippines Dried Mango, Cebu Mango Dried

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Lazada 10.10 Bank Voucher

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